His Holiness

Most venerable Lakha Rinpoche, the founder of Tibet Charity with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Tibet Charity is a Society registered under H.P. Society Registration Act 2006 and Foreign Contribution Regulation Act 2010.

Tibet Charity was founded by Venerable Lakha Rinpoche in Denmark in 1997 to help the neediest Tibetans in India and Nepal. Support for the cause grew rapidly, first with the formation of an independent unit in Sweden and then, in January 2005, the opening of an office in India. Tibet Charity (India) is now a registered organisation with its own governing body, working in close coordination with the Central Tibetan Administration and local Indian administrations.

Its broader objectives are to offer necessary assistance to the poor and needy Tibetans, offer basic medical care and advice, and provide vocational/professional training for school leavers. All these people (our beneficiaries) are among the thousands who have fled their homeland since the mass exodus began in 1959. Since 2006, we have started our Animal Care section, which conducts Animal Birth Control and anti-rabies vaccination programs. We also treat and look after sick and weak animals (small).

Though Tibet Charity Denmark continue to remain our main financer, in the process of our work, we have succeeded in winning the support and trust of many individual sponsors and organizations such as Brigitte Bardot Foundation France, Save Tibet Austria, Graines d’Avenir France, Israeli Friends of Tibetan People, Nyamthak Rogpa France, Worldwide Veterinary Service England, Vets Beyond Borders Australia and more.

So far we have supported more than 200 elders with sponsorship, 83 students with scholarships and many new comers with our higher education programs and language classes. We have also helped many Tibetans schools and settlements with workshops for teachers and the business community and as well as basic infrastructural developments.