Dog lovers felicitated

Ms Tseten Dolker receiving the award

Tibet Charity is happy to felicitate some of the dog lovers from Dharamsala.

First of Award of appreciation were presented to three individuals who have kindly adopted street dogs from the clinic of Tibet Charity Animal Care Section.

Mr. Joginder Singh, a cobbler by profession has adopted two dogs from the clinic. One dog was adopted for her daughter who had lost her pet. The second dog was adopted for himself. Both these dogs were few days old pups when thrown outside the gate of Tibet Charity Animal Clinic. In spite of meager income, he leaves no stone untouched to give the best care to the dogs.

Mr. Joginder Singh receiving the award from the Deputy Director

Another person going by the same but a vegetable vendor has also adopted a pup when she was just few days old. He has taken so very good care of them that the pup has grown into a beautiful dog. Though a person offered him Rs. 10,000 for the dog, he refused to give him away.

The third recipient of this award is Ms Tseten Dolkar, the founder of Tibet Tech. When she saw a young few day old pup with skin infection, she was deeply moved. She decided to adopt the young sick pup and took her home. She has named her Zeyma, which in Tibetan means Beautiful. True to the name, the pup has now grown into a beautiful dog.

Tibet Charity then presented JAMTSE AWARD to 80 year old Ani Sonam Tsering. She was awarded this trophy for her lifelong service to the dogs. People in Mcleod fondly call her Mother Teresa of the dogs. She can be seen followed by pack of dogs everywhere she goes in the town. Sometimes she can be

Mr. Joginder Singh receiving the award from the Deputy Director

seen sleeping peacefully surrounded by these dogs on the roadsides. She has these dogs ruling the house. She has to move the dogs away to find a space for herself before she goes to bed. At one of time, she had more than 20 dogs in the house. But now she sadly says, “I have only four dogs left”. She picks up leftovers from the restaurants and goes around feeding the dogs. Whatever money she gets from her well-wishers are used on dogs. It’s festive day for the dogs when it is time for her to receive her monthly stipend from our office. She uses them all for the dogs.

We take this opportunity to salute them all and thank them all on behalf of the dogs in McLeod Ganj. We request them to continue their good work at a time when many people seek pleasure in throwing stones at them or putting them in a truck and dumping them elsewhere.