Popo with blanketWhen you make a General Donation we will spend the money where it is most urgently needed. Be assured that all the money you give will go straight to the people you want to help because none of the private donations made to Tibet Charity are spent on administration.

You can make a General Donation in cash or in kind or choose to have your money used for a specific purpose within one of the projects listed below. If you wish your donation to be spent on a specific project then after making the online donation send an email to the Director expressing your wishes.



You can make the donation directly into our bank account:

Account Holder: Director Tibet Charity
Account Number: 2062101007405
Bank: Canara Bank
Bank Address: Kotwali Bazaar, Dharamsala
IFSC Code (Inside India): CNRB0002062
Account Number (Inside India): 2062101006696


Or you can make the donation online:

Support a Project

Library Books – We run a small library where new comers from Tibet can come and read books to improve their English. More books will give more choices to these students. ⇒View our project details

Computers/Software – Tibet Charity has been providing computer classes to the new comers from Tibet who never had any opportunity to go to school while in Tibet. Though many newcomers from Tibet are eager to join the class, lack of sufficient number of computers in the class prevents us from providing this facility to many eager students. ⇒View our project details

Winter Clothes/Beddings – Tibet Charity has been looking after the well being of sick and elders in Dharamsala. Sometimes when the winter gets harsh we distribute warm clothes and bedding materials to those in-need. ⇒View our project details

New English File Books – We have been offering English language classes for the new comers from Tibet for the last ten years. The idea was to give basic English language proficiency to these students who had no opportunity to go to any school while in Tibet. ⇒View our project details

Urgent Needs and In-kind Gifts

Surrounding our service-core programs (Sponsorships and Humanitarian Needs), we have continual, yet evolving, needs for “other” funds or contributions. (Recent examples – the donation of 113 English books for our library project and 40 pairs of winter socks for our Winter Clothes/Beddings project using and

Shop online in India (,,, and send 1 or 100 items. We’ll put your gifts to good use! Once the shipment is out, it usually takes 4 to 5 days for the package to reach our doorstep. No duty/custom charges, no taxes/VAT and low/no cost shipping.

It’s easy, it’s safe, and it’s simple to donate !

Send your gifts to : Tibet Charity, Temple Road, P.O. McLeod Ganj – 176219, Dharamsala, Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, India


Item Details Quantity Avg Cost
Project: Winter Clothes/Beddings
Umbrellas Any 50 $ 8.00
Ponchos/Raincoats Size M 50 $ 14.00
Socks sizes 9-13 100 $ 2.00
Winter Coats – Women Size M 50 $ 31.00
Winter Coats – Men Size M 50 $ 31.00
Comforters/Blankets Single/Twin 50 $ 25.00
Shoes Sizes 8 and up 50 $ 35.00
Item Details Quantity Avg Cost
Project: New English File Books
Beginner Students’ Book ISBN9780194518697 25 $ 5.05
Beginner Workbook ISBN9780194518734 25 $ 2.86
Beginner Teachers’ Book ISBN9780194518772 1 $ 14.60
Elementary Students’ Book ISBN9780194384308 25 $ 5.05
Elementary Workbook ISBN9780194387668 25 $ 27.00
Elementary Teachers’ Book ISBN9780194518871 1 $ 14.60
Pre-intermediate Students’ Book ISBN9780194384339 25 $ 4.64
Pre-intermediate Workbook ISBN9780194384360 25 $ 4.56
Pre-intermediate Teachers’ Book ISBN9780194518888 1 $ 14.60
Intermediate Students’ Book ISBN9780194518000 25 $ 5.01
Intermediate Workbook ISBN9780194518048 25 $ 3.03
Intermediate Teachers’ Book ISBN9780194518895 1 $ 14.60
Upper Intermediate Students’ Book ISBN9780194518420 25 $ 4.64
Upper Intermediate Workbook ISBN9780194518451 25 $ 4.64
Upper Intermediate Teachers’ Book ISBN9780194518673 1 $ 6.54
Item Details Quantity Avg Cost
Project: Library Books
Books Any English Books 1,000 $ 6.00
Item Details Quantity Avg Cost
Project: Computers/Software
Laptops I-3, 4GB RAM, 500 GB 12 $ 461.00