Educational Development Program

As stated earlier, we view the education of the youth as one of the most important perquisite to ensure a safe and sound Nation. If we are to return to Tibet at some point of time in the future, young generation of the present will have to do the nation building task. Hence we give much importance to this section.

Under the Education Development Program, we have divided the task into three different areas:


School Development Program

School DevelopmentUnder this program, we try to assist the schools for learning. We help the schools in the improvement of diets, winter clothes, books & stationeries, furniture, computer, health care facilities etc. We have also helped schools to set up kitchen gardens so that they can have freshly grown vegetables for their school kitchen. Special arrangements are made, improving the basic amenities in the schools so that the children can have more conducive and homely atmosphere.





Workshops and Seminars

Education WorkshopWe have also arranged workshops for the teachers so that they can improve their method of teaching in tune with the need and interest of the students. Science workshops for all the science teachers of the Tibetan schools in India & Nepal and the Science Camps for the children have proved very beneficial in arousing the interest of the students in the subject. The Career Guidance workshops have really helped the students in understanding their goals better.





Scholarships and Sponsorships

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Being good in studies alone is not good enough for children belonging to the financially weaker families. After they have finished their school, they are in great danger of losing their focus in life as their parents do not have the money to send their children for further studies or trainings. Our scholarship program has saved many children from losing their way and they have now become useful and productive member of the Society.