Emergency Medical Fund

A beneficiary of our emergency medical fund

Tibet Charity is providing medical funds for poor and sick patients to undergo necessary treatments at various hospitals. It becomes a matter of great concern when we see someone having to lose one’s precious life due to lack of few thousand rupees.

Many new comers from Tibet after reaching here face great many health related problems owing to lack of proper medical care back in Tibet. Many catch illnesses on their treacherous journey from Tibet to India across the Himalayas. So when they reach here many fall ill and face shortage of financial resources to get proper checkups and right kind of treatments. Emergency Medical Fund of Tibet Charity comes to their aid in getting proper checkups and treatments.

We are very grateful to Save Tibet Austria in helping us with funds to start the program and we thank Grainnesd’Avenir France for making further contributions.


A letter received from a beneficiary of our Emergency Medical Fund

I am glad to have someone like Tibet Charity who helped me when I was in bad physical and financial condition. I feel privileged now to say that I am feeling much better than before. I am very happy to back in good health but I am still under medication. Doctor asked me to lose weight and I am trying my best to be in good shape.

Because of your helping hand and kind support, I could buy the required medicines and take them in time without fail. I thank all the members of Tibet Charity and its most kind sponsors for bringing new hope and life to people like me. Thank you once again.

I will always pray for your good health and long life.

May you continue to bring smiles to million people’s face.

Humbly yours,

Kalden Gyatso