IMG_20151016_101357Regular volunteering positions are available for English teachers at Tibet Charity Education Center (TCEC) and for Veterinarians in the Animal Care section.

We also welcome applications from volunteers who wish to contribute in some original way to one of our other operations. Volunteers have, in the past for example, been involved in developing our web site, updating our network, introducing new course books, designing new publicity material and teaching computer classes. People who wish to volunteer in this way are asked to contact the Director in person with their proposal.

If you would like to secure a volunteer position with Tibet Charity, you must contact us in advance and make necessary arrangements. We do, on occasion, receive applications from visitors already in McLeod Ganj but there isn’t always a position available for them.

Here is an overview of Tibet Charity’s work in all the different fields, including a profile of the English school. These documents should answer all your questions about living in Dharamsala as a volunteer. Follow the links to find out more about volunteering with us.