Health Care Introduction

The Health Clinic

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Elders regular checkup at the clinic

Tibet Charity maintains a permanent clinic at its main building in McLeod Ganj. Treatment is available free of charge. Only herbal medicines are offered as treatment. It caters mainly to Tibetan elders in the area who are not fit enough to travel down to the Delek Hospital or cannot afford the medical costs. Cases needing specific medical expertise are referred to registered doctors in the area. There is lots of population of elderly monks and nuns in the town who are without basic amenities. Patients are provided basic sanitation and medical services at the main building of Tibet Charity. The health clinic also gives financial assistance whenever possible to the poor and needy to undergo medical treatment.

Home Nursing

Home nurse visiting an elder at home

Home Nurses support elderly in their homes; they are, however, more like caregivers than nurses. The elderly are often single or living alone without family and have no one to care for them. They are living in extreme poverty. The home nurses do everything for them. They clean, wash, go shopping, take them to the hospital, take them out for a walk, make sure they take their medication and cook for them, if needed. In the course of their work, the nurses’ often come across other elderly who also need help. Currently, our nurses are helping many elders who need help everyday. These people needing help have been divided among 4 nurses. Home nurses are committed to provide the best quality help they can, which is why they are always learning new skills.



Health workshop at TC Hall

Workshops and seminars are conducted on health related topics such as First Aid, HIV-AIDS, women and children’s health and to spread awareness about rabies at local institutions and monasteries. School health workers are given basic health training in applying dressings, treating wounds, medical hygiene, upgrading clinical equipment, and other health issues.




Blood Donors Club

Tibet Charity runs a blood donors club consisting of more than 200 members. These donors always remain ready to donate blood whenever a patient is need of blood in the neighbouring hospitals. This has saved of patients the headache of looking for a donor when there is a need. It has made the task of the hospitals much easier as well. In the process, we have been able to save many precious human lives.