Memorandum Of Association

1. The name of the Society shall be Tibet Charity

2. Registered office: Below Temple, Jogiwara Road P.O. McLeod Ganj – 176219 Dharamsala Dist. Kangra H.P. India

3. Aims and Objectives:

     A. Offer necessary assistance to the poor and needy regardless of caste, creed and sex.

     B. Offer necessary assistance to the needy and deserving candidates coming out of school to undergo necessary             vocational/professional training.

     C. Offer necessary assistance to the poor, needy and deserving individuals or groups to start self-sustainable business so           that they become useful and productive members of the society,

     D. Offer basic medical and health assistance /guidance to the poor and needy individuals, groups or institution.

     E. Offer necessary assistance and initiate such activities that shall help develop love and care for the nature and           environment.

     F. And to do generally all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

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