A man taken for a tour round the town on a wheel chair

99 year old Tashi Dorje lak, a local elder in failing health who is ordinarily housebound, finally got to visit the Dalai Lama temple today and to enjoy the sunshine that the town is basking in now that the monsoon has passed. Our Home Nurses, who have been visiting him at home for many years, fulfilled his wish to see the temple just one more time at this late stage of life.

His long term personal helper carried him up the steep stairs outside his home to a waiting taxi which took him to the temple. The nurses then set him down on a wheelchair and led him though the complex .

Inside, Tashi Lak came across some of the old friends he had not seen for years. He made offerings in the temple.
When the visit was done the nurses didn’t put him in a taxi but instead wheeled him back through the town as he had requested. Tashi marveled at the changes that had taken place in the rapidly developing town that had remained hidden from him for so long.