A Meeting Full of Compassion

Popo listening to the teaching of HH

In September this year, Jessica Allen came from the USA to McLeod Ganj to meet Tenzin, an elderly member of our community. Jessica has been sponsoring Tenzin as part of Tibet Charity’s “Adopt a Grandparent” program.  This program enables people to provide financial assistance to elderly exiled Tibetan people who have no family to take care of them.

Tenzin escaped Tibet in 1959 as part of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s entourage.  Until recently, he worked as a cook in the temple during His Holiness’ teachings, but he can no longer perform this irregular work due to his arthritis and his failing health. He was becoming bored and lonely, living on an inadequate diet in a small room that he could barely afford.

Jessica heard about his story and realized that he is a very special part of our community. In addition, Tenzin reminded her of her own grandfather and she decided to help him by becoming his sponsor. This has truly changed Tenzin’s life. He is happy to be receiving some support and now he can afford to pay for his room, more nutritious food and his simple day-to-day costs.

Tenzin was overjoyed when Jessica came to meet him, along with the Director of Tibet Charity, Tsering ThundPopo with blanketup and home nurse, Tsomo. He was very grateful to Jessica and now he feels that she is like a granddaughter to him. When Jessica discovered that he was feeling bored she bought him an MP3 player so that he can listen to the teachings of his beloved Dalai Lama. Before leaving McLeod Ganj, Jessica gave Tenzin her bedding so now he will be more comfortable, particularly when the cold winter nights arrive.  

Jessica’s sponsorship has improved Tenzin’s quality of life and demonstrates the difference that a regular donation to an elderly member of our Tibetan community can make.  If you are interested in helping someone like Jessica has,  please see http://tibetcharity.in/sponsorship/ for further information.