A new session of Tibet Charity English Language classes start

The 1st session of Tibet Charity English Language classes (March – July)  began after three months of winter vacation.  A simple opening ceremony was held to mark the start.

The opening ceremony was attended by the new batch of qualified and experienced volunteer teachers who have come to teach English for four months. Two volunteer vets from France also attended the function.

At the start of the function, Ms Tenzin Tsephel, the coordinator of Tibet Charity English Section welcomed the volunteers who have come from various part of the world to share their valuable knowledge with the students of Tibet Charity. Our volunteers included Jane Ramen & Irean Aitchison from Canada and Joanne Zions & David Salter from Australia.  Our Vet volunteers are Patrice and Danielle from France.

Teachers took turns to introduce themselves to our students.  They all expressed their hope to help our students in the best possible way. Unlike previous semesters, this year Tibet Charity English Language classes have been extended from two hour session to three. The extra one hour is to be used either as a conversation class or a reading class as per the need.

Mr. Tsering Thundup la, the Director of Tibet Charity offered welcome kataks to our new volunteers and thanked them for coming to Tibet Charity to help our students. He requested the students, who are no doubt hard working and disciplined, to make the best use of their time here.  He expressed his regret for having to close down the computer classes due to non availability of regular teachers. However he said he hoped to start a new language class, possibly French, in the near future.

The function ended with the vote of thanks by Ms. Yeshey Dolma, our office secretary cum accountant.

The opening function was followed by the Director’s meeting with volunteers and students separately familiarizing them with Tibet Charity rules and regulations.

The strengths of the classes as of now are as under:

1. Beginners       8 Ms. Tenzin Tsephel
2. Elementary       14 Mrs. Irean Aitchison
3. Pre Intermediate       14 Mrs.Jane Ramen
4. Intermediate       13 Mr. David Salter
5. Upper Intermediate        8 Mrs. Joanne Zions
Total       57


We thank Tibet Charity Denmark for their continuous support in enabling us to run these classes.