ABC Camp organised at TCV Gopalpur

On the request of the school authorities, the Animal Care Section of Tibet Charity organized 4-day Animal Birth Control camp at TCV Gopalpur from 17th to 20th June 2013.
TCV Gopalpur, which is around 30 km from here, had hosted many such camps in the past and has been successful in keeping the dog population in the school under control. But recently, many dogs were dumped inside the school campus from neighboring villages thus causing a sense of alarm among the staff and the students of the school. They could have easily dumped these dogs elsewhere but they chose more humane way of checking the dog population and the problems caused by rising dog population under control. They chose to go for Animal Birth Control program rather than dumping these dogs elsewhere.

They thus requested Tibet Charity Animal Care Section to carry out sterilization program for these dogs so that the dog population doesn’t increase to alarming population thus putting the staff and the students of the school to risk.

Our vet team consisting of Dr. Dakpa Tenzin, Mr. Lobsang Thukjey and Mr. Jampa Dhamchoe left here on 30th August and they started ABC program for dogs on the 31st . During the course of the camp, they sterilized 17 dogs. Besides sterilizing the unsterilized dogs, they also provided anti-rabies vaccination to all the dogs in the school.

Tibet Charity is very thankful to Brigitte Bardot Fondation, France for kindly supporting our Animal Care programs. We also thank Deb Jarret, USA for supporting the salary of our veterinarian because of which we are in a position to carry out ABC and other animal care activities on a more regular basis. We thank all the staff and students of TCV Gopalpur for playing an excellent host to our vet team and for helping them in catching dogs and looking after them after the operations.