Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies vaccination program resumes

Animal BIMG_2308irth Control (ABC) and Anti-Rabies (A-R) vaccination program resumes for the stray dogs in the region from 1st March 2015 after 2 months of winter.

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Mili Swali a vet from Mumbai joining our own Dr. Pankaj Sharma and other staff in carrying out ABC and A-R program with full vigour. Dr, Mili Swali has initially worked as a volunteer vet in Leh. She will be working with us at least for another six months.

We were also fortunate to have Dr. Bronwen Evan from Vets Beyond Borders joining us for a short period of time and sharing her experience with our vet and staff. Before she left, she wrote,” I am very impressed withIMG_2299 the cleanliness and order with which the clinic is maintained. I have not seen such high standards since I left Australia.  I feel this is because you have such a wonderful staff and such well built facilities.” She further wrote,”The clinic is running extremely well and there is little I can offer them.”

During the first month since the resumption of ABC and A-R program after winter break, 26 dogs were desexed out of which 22 were female dogs. Around 19 dogs were brought to the clinic for treatments of which few were hit by cars. Two cats were treated and desexed as well. All these dogs and cats brought to the clinic received anti-rabies vaccinations.

We thank Brigitte Bardot Fondation France for their kind support without which it would have been impossible to maintain the standard in terIMG_2337ms of work and facilities others speak so highly of.

We thank Dr. Mili Swali for kindly agreeing to offer long term voluntary service to us. We thank Ms Ingrid Smolders from the Netherland for kindly providing necessary support to Dr. Mili which enables her to do long term voluntary service with us. We are looking forward to long and successful collaboration with her in the service of the dogs and other animals.

Last but not the least, we thank TCV school and Tibet Charity Denmark who have provided us the right platform to work for the betterment of the dogs and other animals (mostly small) in the region.

With the kind backing of so many people, we look forward to extending our sphere of work in regions outside Dharamsala.