Director visits Tibetan settlements, Bylakuppe

Byla_1Director, Mr. Tsering Thundup la, visited Tibetan settlements, Dekyi Larso and Lugsum Samdup Ling, in Bylakuppe from 14h to 17th January 2015.

He visited the Tibetan settlements primarily to assist the animal welfare activities initiated by Vets Beyond Borders, Australia (VBB) in the region. Vets Beyond Borders, Australia has been carrying out animal welfare activities, mainly Animal Birth Control and Anti-rabies vaccination for the stray dogs, in the region for the past many years.

Though their initiatives have yielded considerable result in the region in terms of controlling dog population and rabies, a need was felt to get more involvement from the community to ensure better result.Byla_2

Director, on arrival, invited the settlement officers of the two Tibetan settlement officers and the administrator of Tsojhe Hospital in Bylakuppe under Department of Health of Central Tibetan Administration, who is responsible for health issues in the region, for a meeting. The meeting was also attended by the project manager of Vets beyond Borders, Ms Bronwen Evans and Mr. Rinchen from Tibet Volunteer for Animals.

Various issues related to animal welfare activities were discussed with special emphasis on ensuring better success of animal birth control and anti-rabies vaccination programs. All the participants came up with very good ideas so as to gain more participation from the community and make the program yield better result. All promised better cooperation for the success of the program and benefit of the animals in the region.

Byla_3I am very grateful to Brigitte Bardot Fondation, France for kindly funding this visit.

I thank the two settlement officers and the administrator of Tsojhe Hospital for playing excellent hosts during my stay and above all promising all necessary support and cooperation to the good works of Vets Beyond Borders.

I thank Ms Bronwen Evans and other staff of VBB in Bylakuppe for all their good work for the animals and agreeing to work with closer coordination with the community.

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