Volunteers’ trip to Bir & Chauntra

On October 15, 2016, we had the privilege to take our volunteer English teachers of Tibet Charity’s Education Section for a day trip out to see Bir, a nearby Tibetan settlement. They enjoyed a full day of sightseeing and exploration in the town and at a couple of the monasteries in the area.

Their first stop was at Sambhota Tibetan School, Chauntra. They were greeted there by the school Secretary and he showed them round the school. They had great time interacting with the staff and students of the school.

The second monastery they visited was Zongsar Institute of Higher Buddhist Studies. They stepped in to admire the ceiling to floor thangka paintings and intricate butter sculptures.

They then made a short stop at Bir where they had lunch and visited a monastery there as well. They also took time to visit the shops in the town.

On their return to Dharamsala they visited Sherabling Monastery, a beautiful temple with a thriving monastic population. Luckily, they arrived in time for one of their prayer sessions, and they were able to sit and listen for a while the monks there made them feel very welcome and kindly allowed them to observe the event.

They were also witness to the paragliding event taking place in Bir. As they stopped at the landing point of the para gliders, they could see and enjoy the participants in action while landing.

With kind support from Tibet Charity Denmark, we organise such trips once every academic session as a gesture of our gratitude to our volunteers who come from far and wide to help us teach English to the new comers from Tibet at their own expenses. We thank Tibet Charity Denmark for funding this program.