First Aid training organized

DSC_0522Like every year, this year too, a team of experts from St’ John’s Ambulance Wales conducted First Aid training for the staff and the students of Tibet Charity India.

During the course of the training, the trainees were taught how to handle cases relating to suffocation, drowning, heart attacks etc. before the patient is rushed to the hospital. They were also taught to handle common day accidents at home and in one’s surroundings.

We thank the team from St. John’s Ambulance, Wales for coming to teach our staff and students every year. Though these teachings will, no doubt, be a big help in saving precious human lives before the patient is rushed to hospital, this will all the more benefit our home nurses who visits the homes of elders around here where such minor accidents are quite common.DSC_0530

We also thank them for kindly donating equipments and dressing materials to our clinic every year.