Ani Sonam Tsering selected for JAMTSE AWARD

Ani Sonam Tsering la – The Mother Teresa of Dogs in Dharamsala

A dinner was hosted in the honour of the 1st JAMTSE AWARD nominees for their outstanding contribution to the welfare of the street dogs in the region. Unfortunately Bir Animal Care Group could not make it to the dinner due to their prior commitments.

During the dinner, the nominees unanimously decided to choose Ani Sonam Tsering La, ‘The Mother Teresa of Dogs in Dharamsala’ for this year’s JAMTSE AWARD because of the fact that she has given her lifetime for the welfare of the dogs, as well as stray animals, in the region. It was felt that she deserved the first award also because of the fact that she has started her animal welfare work much before some of the nominees were born and is still going strong in spite of her old age.

While selecting her, the nominees congratulated her and requested her to continue the good work.

Tibet Charity, who is already paying her monthly stipend with kind support from Save Tibet Austria, promised to continue providing her all necessary help in her effort to serve the street dogs.

We thank all the nominees for the selfless approach to the selection of the winner thereby proving us right when we said that they never worked for name or awards. We have always been saying that their motivation is driven by a simple reason to help the helpless animals.

Three of the nominees at the dinner with the Director, Tibet Charity

We congratulate all the nominees and assure them all our support in helping the street dogs.

We request all our readers to show the magnanimity shown by our nominees and join us in congratulating all four nominees rather than debating on why someone did or did not get the award.

The JAMTSE AWARD, which carries a cash prize and a trophy, will be presented to Ani Sonam Tsering la on the World Rabies Day which falls on 28th of September 2016.

We request all animal lovers to participate in the function so as to further motivate the winner.