Mass Anti-Rabies Vaccination program concludes

In our attempt to make Rabies a history in the region, the Animal Care Section of Tibet Charity carried out 10 days’ mass vaccination program for the stray dogs in the region starting from 28th September which is also a World Rabies Day.

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Our veterinary team consisting of two vets, two para-vets and two assistants went from village to village and from door to door looking for stray dogs and vaccinating them. In their attempt to vaccinate as many dogs as they possible could, they had to climb hills, cross streams on foot and work tirelessly from dawn to dusk. Many in the team got bitten by dogs but still then they faced every difficulty with strong determination and focus to achieve their noble goal.

Last year we vaccinated little more than 700 dogs but this year, we could cover more area and hence vaccinate more number of dogs. This year our vet team vaccinated 865 dogs in 10 days’ time which meant that on an average they vaccinated 80 dogs a day.

It may be mentioned here that since we started our anti-rabies vaccination program in 2007, the areas covered by us had no rabid dog cases. This fact has been verified by the Chief Medical Officer of Delek hospital who said, ‘Before Tibet Charity started A-R program, Delek hospital used to get patients with rabid dog bites coming to the hospital but since 2007, no such case was reported.”

We have thus far achieved in making rabies a history in the region and this would not have been possible without the kind support we have received from our sponsors, volunteers and our vet team.

We therefore thank Brigitte Bardot Fondation, France for their kind financial support which enabled us to provide free vaccination to all the stray dogs in the region for last so many years. We thank all our volunteers, both past and present, for their wonderful contribution towards making the anti-rabies as well as ABC program a big success.