Members of BBF visits Tibet Charity

Brigitte Auloy with the sick dogs

Ms Brigitte Auloy, the project manager of Brigitte Bardot Foundation, France (BBF) and Dr. Joel Gagnaison , a governing body member of BBF visited Tibet Charity from 16th to 18th October 2015.

On the 16th, the two had an audience with His Holiness Karmapa regarding some of the animal care projects initiated by His Holiness and supported by BBF. They discussed ways to create public awareness on matters relating to animal welfare. Kind suggestions from His Holiness was sought on hoardings and other advertising mechanisms being prepared by BBf to request people to provide three basic necessities of life, food, water and shelter, to the stray animals on the streets.

Dr. Joel visiting the sick dogs

They then visited Tibet Charity Animal care section and met the staff there. Various issues related to Animal care section were discussed. They inspected the projects funded by them during their last visit. The staff raised some requirements for the clinic which they promptly sanctioned. They even personally went to the market and bought one fridge for the clinic to store some vaccines and medicines. Budget for next year was also tentatively agreed upon. Both Tibet Charity and BBF decided to work together to carry out Animal Welfare program in other Tibetan settlements and villages surrounding them as per the wishes of His Holiness the Dalai Lama when He met the members last year.

Dr. Joel checked the patients in the clinic and suggested ways to treat them. He promised to answer any problem faced by our vets as and when they require advice.

Like always, it is always a pleasure seeing our kind supporters in person. We thank them for kindly taking out time to visit us in spite of their highly busy schedule. We thank them for their continuous support.