A staff attends Humane Animal Handling and Basic First Aid Training

Because of his deep love for the animals and his natural skill in handling the animals, IMG_2164Mr. Dolma Bhum has been recommended by Ms Brigitte Auloy, the project manager of Brigitte Bardot Foundation (BBF) to go for special training at Sikkim Anti Rabies And Animal Health (SARAH) at Gangtok.

Likewise we approached the members of Vets Beyond Borders (VBB) and SARAH to consider providing him the necessary training in Humane Animal Handling and Basic First Aid. This will not only help in catching dogs more humanely but also in helping the vets during the course of operations and sterilization programs. They immediately agreed to our request and Mr. Dolma Bhum was sent to attend the training from 27th October till 7th November 2015. I remember asking Dr. Thinley of SARAH about the requirements of joining the training and he said, “Passion for work and Love for animals”. He has both.

During the course of the training he was taught how to catch dogs and prepare them for operations. A special Animal Birth Control (ABC) camp was organized during the period of his stay so that he could gain hands on experience in catching the dogs and doing the needful before the vets take these dogs start operating them. Though the formal training was for five days, he was given extra coaching thereafter.

On his return, he was full of appreciation for the dedicated team at SARAH. He spoke highly of their skill, affection for the animals and maintenance of records of every sick animal that come for treatment. He was very appreciative of the way he was accommodated and trained.IMG_1862

We have no doubt the training he has received will be put to good use when we organize ABC
programs here in the clinic and at camps.

We thank BBF for kindly recommending him for training and for funding his trip. We thank VBB and SARAH for kindly allowing him to join the training and providing him all the necessary help during the period of his stay there.