Staff make a trip to Tso Pema

To commemorate 10 years of Tibet Charity in India, the hard working staff of Tibet Charity proceeded to holy town of Rewalsar (Tib: Tso Pema) in the morning of 4th October 2014.

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The main reason for making this trip was to thank the staff for 10 years of hard work in the service of others. The occasion was also used to offer prayer to the Godly beings who have supported us in our endeavor to support others for 10 long years. Special prayers were said and auspicious flags were hoisted to seek Their blessings and support in the future as well.

We started from here in the early hours of 4th and made a straight trip to Sherabling (a monastery in the wilderness) after making a short halt for breakfast. We were fortunate, which we presume is a good omen; to witness special rituals which we were told would go for 9 days. We fell blessed to some reincarnated lamas participating in the ritual.

Feeling purified, we made our onward journey to Rewalsar with short stop at Bir where some shopping were done.

We reached Rewalsar quite late but the time we got to offer our prayers and offer food to the fish, monkeys and dogs nullified every hardship we encountered on our way.

After making some circumambulations around the holy lake early in the morning, we made our trip to the Padmasambhava cave atop the hill where Guru was said to have meditated. The staff hoisted the prayers flags along with scores of other prayer plags after which the staff gathered inside the cave to say prayers for the good of all sentient beings.

An old hermit there offered breakfast to all the members of the staff.

We also paid short visit to the newly constructed statue of Guru Padmasambhava.

We remembered the contributions of all those staff who have taken the journey with us at some point of time but are not with us at the moment. We thank them as well.

The tiring return journey was made thereafter. When we finally reached home, we were all fully exhausted but the memorable trip was something which will be cherished by all for long time to come.