Tibet Charity Basic Education School Library opens

Tibet Charity Basic Education School Library was opened for its students, staff and volunteers on 6th August 2013.

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The need to have a library for the benefit of the students eager to improve their English and explore the vast storehouse of knowledge was always felt. The need and the desire to read books became all the more after Sophie Muller and Mathew White, both teachers in Japan, organized Extensive Reading Program for the students of Tibet Charity English Language Classes. This workshop has really motivated the students to develop interest in reading.

We then started working on looking for support to start the Library. Thanks to Tibet Charity Denmark, we have a hall that could be converted into a library. We found the support we required to start the library from Sophie Muller and Mathew White who, besides leaving the books used for the Workshop behind, donated some money to make book shelves in the library.

With their kind support we could thus get the library started. Students have already shown keen interest in reading books and borrowing books from the library. Besides the two mentioned above, we wish to thank Extensive Reading Foundation, its participating publishers, and Extensive Reading SIG Japan for kindly making contribution towards the support rendered to us by Sophie Muller and Mathew White.

We take this opportunity to request for donation of more books for the library.