World Rabies Day Celebrated

Tibet Charity celebrated World Rabies Day on 28th September 2015.

To mark the 9th World RabMrs. B. Tsering la with the Director and Dr. Pankaj Sharmaies Day celebration at Tibet Charity, simple Rabies awareness function was organized at Tibet Charity house. Mrs. B. Tsering la, a member of Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile and presently Principal of Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Tibetan Education was the Chief Guest at the function.

Mr. Tsering Thundup, the Director of Tibet Charity (India) started the proceedings by welcoming all those who have attended the function. He took the public down the memory lane and explained how dog population in general and rabies in particular used to be a problem in the region. He explained how Animal Birth Control program and Anti-R
abies vaccination program has successfully put an end to the menace of dog population and rabies in the region.  He thanked our sponsors, TCV School and local Indian administration for extending necessary support in ensuring the success of our program.

Ms. Jigme Choekyi, the assistant coordinator of our Healthcare Section explained in details the caA dog receiving vaccinationuses, symptoms, prevention and treatment of the disease in human as well as animals. She said that all mammals can be affected by t
he disease and once the symptoms start showing up, it may be too late for treatment. She advised the public to go for pre-exposure vaccination for themselves and their pets.

Mrs. B. Tsering la while appreciating the good works of Tibet Charity for the benefit of the poor and needy in the region, she singled out thre
e such projects which she felt were of immense benefit to the public. She singled out home nursing program, open schooling education and animal care program. She lauded Tibet Charity for coming up with programs which have not been tried by any other NGOs in Dharamsala. She said, “Tibet Charity is one suA section of the public at the functionch Organization which silently carries out its work with not much fanfare but which has immense benefit to the poor and needy”.

After the function, Dr. P
ankaj Sharma inaugurated mass vaccination program for stray dogs in the region by giving the first injection to our own dog, Paula. This was followed by vaccination of the pet dogs as no pet dogs shall be vaccinated from the following day. A total of 56 pet dogs were vaccinated on the day.

We thank Brigitte Bardot Fondation France, for kindly providing us the support to carry out this mass anti-rabies vaccination campaign.