Tibet Charity Education Section closes for winter vacation

A volunteer giving prize to a student

A simple closing function marked the end of Tibet Charity Education section for this year.

The closing function was attended by the volunteers, staff and students of Tibet Charity.

Ms Tenzin Tsephel began the closing function by thanking the volunteers who have not only stayed for the whole period of the session but also taught the students with utmost dedication and enthusiasm. She appreciated the bonding that they were able to build with the students. They were more than a teacher to them. She also thanked the students some of whom have provided cent percent attendance during the whole academic session.

Teachers then took turn to share their experience with them. They all spoke about how much they have enjoyed during the period of their stay here. They felt that they learnt more than what they have taught. They all appreciated the discipline of the students in class, the respect towards their teachers and the willingness to learn. One of the volunteers even decided to come back next year for the first session. They thanked Tibet Charity for giving them the opportunity to serve the community and for making them feel at home during their stay here.

Mr. Tsering Thundup la, the Director of Tibet Charity also thanked the volunteers for coming from various parts of the world with single minded devotion to serve our people with no

A teacher awarding a student
Director presenting memento to a volunteer

expectation of anything in return. He said,” Sometimes we tend to under value the role of teachers in our lives. We tend to value a person giving us fish more than someone who teaches us how to fish”.

Some of the students also stood up to share their experience. They all appreciated the manner in which Tibet Charity runs its classes. They were all thankful to Tibet Charity for providing them with the opportunity to learn a new language and that too from highly dedicated and qualified teachers. It was very encouraging to see students who didn’t understand the language now standing up and expressing their feelings in English.

Students who topped their class in the final exam were presented Certificate of Excellence and prizes.

The function concluded with group photo session.

The Director presented mementos and ‘khatas’ to the volunteers in appreciation of their wonderful service not only to the Tibetan community but other people from various countries in Asia.