Winter Clothes Distributed

After the distribution of the ration, the staff of Tibet Charity went around distributing winter clothes to some of the poor and needy in and around McLeodganj, Dharamsala.

Like the ration, these winter clothes were donated to us Ms Debra Chrystal from USA. This year clothes distributed consisted of jackets, sweaters, caps and socks. This is not the first time she did this. She has been donating clothes for the last few years as Christmas gifts to the poor elders in the region.

Our home nurses, who go from house to house looking after the sick and elders who are living alone in the region, identified somewhere around 25 elders who require help and care. Our staff therefore gave these winter clothes to around 14 elders as of now. Some of the people who receive help from us have already left for Bodh Gaya. They will be given these clothes once they return.

We thank Debra Chrystal wholeheartedly for your continuous support. Besides ration and clothes, she has also sent reading glasses for distribution to the elders. These shall be distributed soon as well.