World Diabetes Day Observed

The Health of Tibet Charity observed World Diabetes Day on the 14th of November 2013.

On the day, Tibet Charity organized a special public awareness program for the public of McLeod Ganj at Tibet Charity House.

WDD - 2013WDD 2013 b

Ms Tenzin Namsel explained that diabetes is a group of disease characterized by high blood glucose concentration resulting from defects in insulin secretion, insulin action or both. She mentioned the risk factors of diabetes which includes family history of diabetes, obesity, physical inactivity, prior history of gestational diabetes, hypertensive patient and hyperlipidemia (an excess of fat or lipids in the blood).

After explaining in details the various types of diabetes and the symptoms related to each type, she explained what treatments are required for each type of diabetes.

She made it known that before allowing the symptoms to develop and then go for treatments, one must strive to take necessary precautions to avoid the occurrence of disease in oneself by following the right food habit and physical activeness. She advised the people to take food rich in fiber such as tsampa (grounded roasted barley – staple food of the Tibetans), unrefined atta, brown bread etc. and to stay away from carbohydrate rich food such as white bread, potatoes, maida, white sugar etc.

She suggested that one should lead an active life and do regular exercises so as to keep body weight under control.

If at all one’s body starts displaying various symptoms related to the disease, one must go for medical checkup and seek doctor’s advice at the earliest to avoid occurrence of major complications such as increased cholesterol level in the blood, hypertension, clots, stroke, heart attack, dialysis etc.

Ms Tenzin Namsel took time to answer volleys of questions posed by the audience.

At the end of the talk, free blood sugar lever tests were done for people who were suspected of having the disease and necessary advice were given accordingly.