World Rabies Day observed in 2 Tibetan Settlements

Inspired by the animal care activities of Tibet Charity, two Tibetan settlements observed World Rabies Day with great success.

Tibetan Settlement Paonta Sahib observed World Rabies Day by inviting local senior veterinary officer to the public awareness function in the main hall of the settlement. More than 50 people attended the function which also had the Tibetan Settlement Officer as one of the guests. Te function was organised by the Settlement Health Cordinator Mr. Pema Tsering and funded by USAID. During the function, various speakers talked on causes, symptoms and treatment of rabies. At the end of the function, question and answer session was held so that any doubts related to the disease can be clarified. Mr. Pema in his letter to Tibet Charity wrote, “We were inspired by the Animal Birth Control Camp organised by Tibet Charity at Paonta Sahib in March. That inspired us to do something for the street dogs and fight rabies in the region.” We thank Mr. Pema and his team for the initiative taken to observe World Rabies Day.


People queuing up to vaccinate their dogs at Bylakuppe

Mass anti-rabies vaccination program was also organised at Tibetan Settlement Bylakuppe to mark World Rabies Day. Starting from 08:30 a.m. in the morning, Ms Bronwen Evan, Mr, Lhakpa and Mr. Jampa Choedak carried out vaccination program for stray dogs in the region. In total 136 dogs were vaccinated out of which 106 were stray dogs and 30 pets. They were ably supported by Mr. Sonam Yougyal la, the Health Officer of the settlement. Like Paonta Sahib, the program in Bylakuppe was also funded by USAID. Ms Bronwen in his letter to Tibet Charity wrote that it is thanks to initial contact set up by Tibet Charity with yhe local leaders that they have succeeded in getting much needed cooperation from the local community in ensuring the success of the vaccination program. We thank Ms Bronwen, Mr, Lhakpa and Mr. Jampa Choedak for carrying out the vaccination program. We also thank Mr. Sonam Yougyal la for his kind cooperation.

We hope the steps taken by the two settlements will inspire many others to follow suit. Tibet Charity is willing to cooperate in whatever we way we can to help others in starting such a program.


Audience interacting with the experts on Rabies at Paonta Sahib


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