Community Development Project

NepalWhen Tibetans first came to India in the late 1950s, they were offered land to settle on by the Indian government. The settlements developed slowly over time with help from state governments and foreign agencies under the administration of Central Tibetan Administration. Today they have workshops, farms, schools, old people’s homes and clinics. Though Department of Homes under Central Tibetan Administration look after their overall well-being, there are areas where NGO’s, like us, need to step in and see what more could be done. We have therefore personally visited some of these Tibetan settlements in the remote area and offered our limited service.

Some of the projects we have undertaken in some of the Tibetan settlements are:

  • Installation/repair of a water supply system
  • Provision of short term financial relief to homeless and disadvantaged individuals
  • Purchase of clothing, bedding and mosquito nets for the elderly
  • Repair and upgrade of the accommodation in old people’s homes
  • Upgrade of facilities in crèches for the children of working parents
  • Provision of winter clothes and solar lanterns to nomadic families in Ladakh
  • Disaster relief donations for those affected by the 2010 flood in Leh
  • Donation of beds to a hostel for students of thw Lahaul & Spiti area