Social Programs Introduction

Tibet Charity’s Social Program aims to improve the standard of living of Tibetans living in India. It does this by providing and sourcing financial assistance for individuals and community groups at the numerous Tibetan settlements spread across the country.

Many people and community groups appeal to the charity for help but TC believes it isn’t enough to wait on other people, we also have a duty to go out and find out where help is needed. In accordance with that commitment TC staff make periodic visits to all the Tibetan settlements in India and remain in regular contact with the authorities administering them.

Tibet Charity carries out its’ mandate through 2 projects, the ‘Community Development Project’ and the ‘Adopt a Grand Parent Project’. Both make provision for supporting individual people in need, but the ‘Community Development Project’ goes further and funds schemes that benefit whole groups of people.

Bringing light to remote nomadic families in Ladakh