Adopt a Tibetan Grand Parent

oldwomanTibet Charity is always looking for people who are willing to sponsor destitute elderly people who have no-one to take care of them. This is a serious commitment that will change someone’s life. We will be highly grateful if you can kindly support an elder as your grandparent and help him/her lead a more meaningful life.

It is really sad to see these people who have worked so hard after coming to India as a refugee (many of them having separated from their families) when there was no support system whatsoever. The present condition of Tibetans in exile can be attributed to their hard work.

We are interested in hearing from you if you are willing to commit to supporting at least one individual for the remainder of their lives. To adopt a Grand Parent requires a minimum commitment of Rs. 1800/month. Please contact the Director with the case number of the grand parent you wish to adopt.

Waiting Adoptees

Lhadon 001
Lhadon (F)
Case No: 001
Tsering Choezom (F)
Case No: 002
Yeshi Choetso 001
Yeshi Choetso (F)
Case No: 003
Sangay Lhamo (F)
Case No: 004
Lobsang Yangzom (F)
Case No: 005