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DSCN1573Our charity newsletter is an extremely useful medium through which we maintain regular contact with our sponsors. Within these newsletters, we can inform our email subscribers about upcoming fundraising events and volunteering opportunities, as well as the ongoing activities and objectives of our charity.

We bring out a newsletter every month (sometimes more often) with details of future events, reports of what we have been doing and other Tibet Charity news.  If you would like to receive our newsletter by e-mail, please contact us.

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  1. Hello sir or madam.
    I am Mamta Subba from Bhutan. I had some queries to do. I want to do charity work for the benefits of the people. I can do any work for the wellbeing of people. I can do cleaning and cooking as well.
    I am class 12passout from Bhutan n I have good English marks. Can I do anything to do charity work? I want to dedicate my life to the gods n to people. Please reply me soon.

    • Dear Mamta,
      We can have further discussion once you reach here. I must say that we don’t offer anything to our volunteers except lunch during working hours. If you are willing to help us without any pre-conditions, we will be happy to have you.
      Tsering Thundup

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