Tibet Charity Education Center

Education Center 2011

Tibet Charity runs English and Computer classes for the new comers from Tibet. Every year hundreds of Tibetans flee their country in search of better opportunities and basic human rights which includes the right for better education. Many cross the treacherous Himalayan Mountains on foot, braving odd weather and constant threat of being spotted by the Chinese soldiers. Even after crossing over to Nepal, they are never safe and many get captured by the Nepalese police and are handed over to the Chinese soldiers. A lucky few reach India in search of better educational opportunities and religious freedom.

The very young are admitted into various Tibetan schools while the monks and the nuns join the monasteries and nunneries that are extensions of the monasteries and nunneries inside Tibet. A few who belong to neither are left to seek opportunities on their own. It is here that Education Center of Tibet Charity comes into the picture.

Our Education Center has received so much recognition in this part of the world that the center, which started as a center specifically for the new comers from Tibet, has attained an international look-and feel with students coming from many different countries in Asia. We have students from India, Mongolia, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, Burma, Bhutan etc. The Education Center has also become a very good alternative for those students who could not complete their studies in schools for whatever reason.

We have divided our center into two different sections to cater to the needs of the students as per their abilities and ambition:

English Language Class

Education center English class

As the students who arrive here from Tibet do not speak any language other than their native language, they confront great difficulties while leading their lives in exile. So by learning English, they are in a better position to rub shoulder-to-shoulder in their quest for new lives outside their motherland.