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We rely on volunteers to run the veterinary clinic. Applications from qualified veterinary surgeons and nurses are welcome. The clinic runs throughout the year so there are always opportunities for vets. Fresh graduates with no experience will be required to pay 100 Euros to work with us, irrespective of the duration of your stay. They will be allowed to handle operations only if our vets feel you are ready for it.

Special arrangements have been made to support veterinary volunteers who work for us – you may get sponsorship from the organization which sends you to us or you can take advantage of our subsidized accommodation – we offer free rooms to anyone staying at least a month.

We don’t provide any financial return of any kind for the voluntary service, except as mentioned above, though we do serve lunch and break time tea during the working days. We can help the volunteers to find rooms at reasonable rate. We can also arrange home stay with a family for a cost of Rs. 600 per day which would include the cost of accommodation, breakfast and dinner. Cost of laundry not included. You will have a separate room in the house.

We will provide basic medical assistance free of cost and in case of sickness of more serious nature, we provide full assistance in terms of service to get the right treatment.

You can refer to our online calendar to see when the openings are for volunteer vets and nurses in the upcoming future.

Read this document if you want more information on volunteering , or about reaching and living in Mcleod Ganj.


  1. HELLO, im a veterinarian from Argentina, and wishing to travel around. I am interested to volunteer for the organization. It is not my first time volunteering, i was in Laos working at an elephant hospital a few year before. PLEASE let me know any information or when wouls be suitable to go. Thank you

    • Dear Laura,
      Thank you very much for the interest shown by you in volunteering for us.
      Anytime between March and December is a good time for us. We will be happy if you can stay here for a longer period of time.
      With best wishes,
      Tsering Thundup

  2. Hi, I am going to be graduating from Liverpool Vet School in July 2017 and would love to come and volunteer with you for a month in July/August, would that be possible?

    • Dear Ellie,

      You are welcome to work for us. Please let us know as and when you make a decision on your coming here.

      Tsering Thundup

  3. Hi Tsering,
    Thanks for getting back to me so soon! I would like to come for a month from early August to early September (can’t be sure on exact dates yet as they will depend on cheap flights!) but around 1-5th of august until 5-10th of September if those dates are alright?
    I will be a new graduate but am competent in cat and dog castration and cat spays, as well as simple lump removals. I have also assisted in several bitch spays.
    Please could you let me know what I need to do next!
    Thanks, Ellie

    • Hi Elle,
      I am happy to hear from you. I am also happy to know that you have confirmed your participation in our Animal Birth Control program. There is nothing for you to do hereafter.
      Please feel free to write to us if there is anything you wish to know about our program.
      Tsering Thundup

  4. Hi Tsering,
    I have had to shift dates around slightly to fit in with University graduation times, so would the month of September be alright for me to come instead? Also I have a friend who is interested in volunteering at the same time as me, with similar levels of experience. Would we be able to come out together?
    After reading your volunteer section I noticed that you provide accomadation for anyone staying over a month, would I/we be able to please use that accomadation?
    Thanks, Ellie

  5. Hello Lobsang,

    My name is Ali, I am a three year qualified veterinary surgeon from the UK. My partner is going to be volunteering at Dharamasala animal rescue for two weeks starting on either the 16th or the 23rd of October 2017. I know it is very last minute but I was wondering if you had any openings for a volunteer to join you at Tibetan Animal Care? Richard from Dharamasala gave me you phone number but unfortunately I can not get through on it. I would love to volunteer with you for two weeks starting on either of those two dates, if this is possible please let me know.

    Warm regards,

  6. Hello,
    I am phurbu dolma from ladakh but tibetan in nationality am graduated from baroda n going to complete my master degree next year. I would like to do volunteer in your organisation for two week in animal care because i love animal and i always wish to do some help for homeless animal. So thats why it would be greatly appreciated if i could do something for animal through ur organisation.

    • Dear Phurbu Dolma,
      Thank you for the interest shown by you. Please remind me few days before you finalise the date. I will then be in a better position to say whether we are in need of a volunteer or not.
      Tsering Thundup

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