Volunteering – Veterinary


We rely on volunteers to run the veterinary clinic. Applications from qualified veterinary surgeons and nurses are welcome. The clinic runs throughout the year so there are always opportunities for vets. The volunteers will be allowed to handle operations only if our vets feel they are ready for it.

Special arrangements have been made to support veterinary volunteers who work for us – you may get sponsorship from the organization which sends you to us or you can take advantage of our subsidized accommodation.

We don’t provide any financial return of any kind for the voluntary service, except as mentioned above, though we do serve lunch and break time tea during the working days. We can help the volunteers to find rooms at reasonable rate.

We will provide basic medical assistance free of cost and in case of sickness of more serious nature, we provide full assistance in terms of service to get the right treatment.

You can refer to our online calendar to see when the openings are for volunteer vets and nurses in the upcoming future.

Read this document if you want more information on volunteering , or about reaching and living in Mcleod Ganj.