3rd session of Tibet Charity Education Section commences

The third and final session of Tibet Charity Education Section commenced from 4th September 2017.

A simple opening function was organised during which Ms Tenzin Tsephel, the Coordinator of the Education Section, welcomed all the volunteers who have come here to teach English and French to the  students of Tibet Charity. Most of our students are newcomers from Tibet but we also have students from different Asian countries. There are some students from the Himalayan region of India.

The Director offered traditional scarf to the volunteers and thanked them for the kind decision to teach the students here. It must be mentioned that all those who volunteer for us come here at their own expense. No fees whatsoever is taken from Tibet Charity. He urged the students to make the best use of the opportunity that they have got to learn new language from highly experienced and qualified teachers.

The volunteers then introduced themselves and all expressed their joy for the opportunity that they have got to teach the students of Tibet Charity.

The function concluded with a group photo followed by the serving of some refreshments to all the volunteers and the students.

The strength of different classes as on 4th September are as follows:

S. No. Class Strength Class Teacher
1. Beginners A 34 Ms Tenzin Tsephel
2. Beginners B 11 Ms Ellen McCormack (America)
3. Elementary 6 Erin Voith (Canada)
4. Pre-Intermediate 12 Rich Rowling (Canada)
5. Intermediate 7 John Water (Wales)
6. Chinese Class  5 Ven. Tempa