An excursion for volunteers

IMG_2158Saturday, 11th March 2015: IMG_2157

Tibet charity organized an excursion for our dedicated volunteer teachers who have been working relentlessly for the benefit of our students this semester. This excursion was different from our regular excursions to the Tibetan settlements of Chauntra and Bir. This time our volunteers chose to visit Kangra Fort, a Jain temple and Norbulingka Tibetan Cultural centre.

Our four volunteer English teachers enjoyed learning about the five thousand year history of Kangra Fort. They were particularly interested to learn that Alexander the Great fought his final battle there. The locals are proud to say this was his final defeat! Then the group visited an interesting temple of the Jain religion. After enjoying a delightful lunch in the garden of Norbulingka, they explored various aspects of Tibetan culture and religion in the complex.

The teachers really appreciated a fun and informative day out and Tibet Charity was equally grateful to be able to offer such an excursion.