Bir Animal Care team wins JAMTSE AWARD – 2017

Tashi Yangzon with a sick dog

Bir Animal Care team consisting of 8 dedicated members were selected for this year’s Jamtse Award. Following members form the team: Mr. Kunchok Lodoe, Ms Penpa Lhamo, Ms. Kunchok Wangmo, Mr. Rangzey, Ms Sonam Dolker, Ms Tselha, Mr. Karma Choesang and Ms Tashi Yangzom. Dr. Tseten Dorjee la, the Chief Medical Officer, Delek Hospital gave away the trophy and cash award to Mr. Kunchok Lodoe who represented the team at the function.

The group was formed to assist the team of Tibet Charity when they reached there for the first time in 2008 to organise Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies vaccination program for the dogs in the region. They provided excellent support to our veterinary team in catching the dogs and feeding them after the operation. Though our team left after the camp, their association with the dogs in the region continued. They continued to look after the sick dogs in the region with minimal outside support. Many a time, they spent money from their own pocket to give the necessary treatment to dogs in need. As and when the need is felt, they raised money to take sick animals all the way to Palampur Veterinary College and Tibet Charity Animal Clinic in Dharamsala to provide the best treatment to the dogs. They also ensured that these dogs are taken back after recovery. Every time Tibet Charity organises ABC camps in the region, they are always there to help our team.  If Bir and its surrounding areas have seen less sick dogs and less rabid dogs, they are one of the reasons behind it.

Tibet Charity salutes them for their wonderful work and sheer love and dedication for the welfare of the animals.

Jamtse Award was started in 2016 to identify and felicitate groups or individuals who work for the welfare of the animals. Working for the welfare of the animals constitute taking care of sick animals and arranging necessary treatments besides feeding them. This has been started to recognise their good work and to encourage more people to work towards the welfare of the innocent animals. The first recipient of this award is Ani Sonam Tsering from Dharamsala.

Some members of BAC and Tibet Charity working hand in hand