First Aid training organized

DSCN1453First Aid training was organized for the students of Tibet Charity by the Health section of Tibet Charity in collaboration with St. John Ambulance Wales.

Whole day training was provided to two groups of students – one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The students were taught how to handle day to day situations one encounters during our day to day life. Among many simple accidents one faces in life, they were taught how to help someone when a person has an attack, fracture or bleeding. They were also taught how to save a person who is drowning.

A more advanced training was provided to the home nurses to save people in the event of an earthquake. They were taught to identify who needs first help. This training is important as Dharamsala is known to be earthquake prone area and two days before the training Dharamsala felt a mild tremor when Earthquake hit Afghanistan and Pakistan.

We are very grateful to St. John Ambulance for helping us in providing first aid training to our students which also helps in polishing the skills of our home nurses. These trainings may go a long way in saving some precious lives or preventing major damages to a person’s body in the event of seemingly minor yet life threatening accidents if right and time support is not provided. IMG_20151027_150213

A simple concluding function was organized where the Director thanked St. John Ambulance and its trainers in general and Mr. Des Kitto in particular for maintaining this cordial relationship with Tibet Charity for the last many years. He also thanked them for making regular donations to us, in cash and kind, every time they visit us. The walking sticks and winter shoes for our elders, raincoats and gumboots for our home nurses, some instruments for the clinic are to name just a few of them.

We thank them once again!