Tibet Charity Awarded for Social Service

During the first general meeting of all the Non-Governmental Organisations and Institutions under the jurisdiction of Tibetan Settlement Office, Dharamsala, Tibet Charity, was given an award for outstanding social service for the community. LHA, another charitable Trust in Dharamsala was the other recipient of the award.

Tibet Charity has been serving the community in exile since 1997. The office of Tibet Charity in India was opened in 2005.

Excluding the projects carried out by Tibet Charity in Denmark in direct collaboration with Central Tibetan Administration since 1997, Tibet Charity India has developed innovative projects for the betterment of the community in exile.

Our Home Nursing program cares for the sick and elders living alone at home by visiting them door to door and helping them with household activities. The home nurses take these elders to hospitals, as and when required, besides giving them massages as well as bathe them from time to time. They also assist the new comers from Tibet to the hospitals.

Our Blood Donation Club has benefited so many patients in urgent need of blood. We have also provided financial assistance to poor patients to undergo necessary checkups and treatments.

Under our education program we continue to provide quality English language courses to many. We have provided scholarship to 85 students, to date. We are the only accredited Institute to run Open Basic Education program under the Minsitry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India.

Our Animal Care program has completely wiped out Rabies from McLeod Ganj and its surrounding areas. We carry out Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies vaccination programs in villages and settlements in Himachal Pradesh.

We have succeeded in finding sponsors to more than 60 elders in the exile community. We have raised food  during the cloudburst incidence in Ladakh besides providing solar lamps to the people living in the remote areas of Ladakh.

This is the second time that we have been officially presented with an award, though many have publicly praised our achievements.

But all these have not been possible without the support of our well wishers and hardworking staff.

We therefore take this opportunity to thank all our sponsors, prominent among them being Tibet Charity Denmark, Tibet Charity Sweden, Brigitte Bardot Foundation France, Save Tibet Austria and Graines d’Avenir France.

We also thank all our staff, both past and present, for working with utmost dedication for the service of the others.