University students from England visited Tibet Charity

A group of 23 students and 5 escorts from Ardingly College, England visited Dharamsala from 9th July to 17th July 201mmexport14374746836585.

During the period of their stay here, they took part in the conversation classes with the students of Tibet Charity English language classes. They spent 2 hours each day giving the students much needed lesson in spoken English.

The students of Tibet Charity found these classes highly interactive and fruitful. They very much enjoyed the friendly atmosphere created during the period of the lessons.

The students from Ardingly College too learnt a great deal about Tibet and its people. They found the Tibetans to be very warm and loving people. They promised to go back and create greater awareness among the people in their area regarding thepresent situation in Tibet.

This interaction has been a great learning experience for the both.

The visiting students also took time to visit the elders being looked after by the Home Nurses of Tibet Charity to get firsthand experience in community service. They not only accompanied them but joArdingly 1ined hands in helping these elders.

They also paid a short visit to the Animal Care Section of Tibet Charity.

A short farewell function was organized by Tibet Charity where the Director thanked the group for taking time out of their holidays to help the Tibetans in Dharamsala. He hoped that the short stint with the Home Nurses will kindle some interest in social services as they grow up.

The students and the escorts thanked Tibet Charity for providing them with this opportunity to be a part of Tibet Charity’s service to the people in need. They all expressed deep interest in coming back and helping the community here. The teachers hoped that they can come back with a new group soon.

Ardingly 3

A group photo of the students and the staff of Ardingly College

We once again thank them for their time here and hope that this will be a beginning of long lasting relationship between the people of two communities.

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