World Heart Day observed

Nurse Sangmo explaining Coronary Heart Disease

The Healthcare Section of Tibet Charity observed World Health Day in collaboration with Tibetan Settlement Office, Dharamsala on 29th September 2016.

To mark the occasion different health awareness program was organised which included screening of blood pressure and sugar level in the main hall of Tibetan Settlement Office and at the entrance to the temple of His Holiness.

Nurse Sangmo from Tibetan Settlement Office presented a power point presentation on Coronary Artery Disease.

Foreign and Indian tourists too came for check up

254 people were checked for blood pressure out of which 19 were found to be having pre-hypertension, 43 people were tested to be having hypertension and 36 people were tested to be having low blood pressure. Out of the total of 19 people having pre-hypertension, none of them were aware of their blood pressure status and among the 43 people with hypertension, 19 people were already aware of their status and are already under medication. 24 people with hypertension were not aware of their blood pressure status. Those who are unaware of their blood pressure status were advised to go to a doctor and get themselves checked again and seek doctor’s advice accordingly.

We thank the Tibetan Settlement Office for their kind cooperation on the day!