Tibet Charity, with its unique programs aimed at providing direct and qualitative services to the poor, needy and the downtrodden, occupies a distinct space within the Tibetan community in exile with its long list of objectives and verifiable achievements.
Regular volunteering positions are available for English teachers at Tibet Charity Education Center (TCEC) and for Veterinarians in the Animal Care section.
Tibet Charity is providing education opportunity to new comers from Tibet who have never been to school.
Adopt a Tibetan Grand Parent
Tibet Charity is always looking for people who are willing to sponsor destitute elderly people who have no-one to take care of them.
Education Proposal
Education Proposal
Healthcare Program
Healthcare Program
Social Development Program
Social Development Program
Support For Open School Candidates


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My name is Andrea. I’m an ESL teacher from the U.S. This is my fourth year teaching English to students from around the world. I taught for two years in Spain, one year in Thailand and one year in Indonesia.

I truly enjoy working with students and most recently I was given an amazing opportunity to teach at Tibet Charity. I met many students from many different places and I was able to learn about their beautiful cultures, traditions and beliefs.    Thanks to the caring staff and the wonderful students, my time in India was incredible!


I taught Intermediate English at Tibet Charity for over 2 months and really enjoyed the experience.  The students are very kind and thoughtful, eager to learn English, enthusiastic about their school work, and extremely appreciative of your efforts as a teacher. They love to talk with the teachers to get to know them, and they have a great sense of humor. We laughed a lot!  All in all, they were a delight to have in my classroom! The school staff is very helpful with anything the teachers need, both in the classroom and outside in daily life at Tibet Charity.

The location in the Himalayas is absolutely beautiful and there are many things to do in the area…yoga, Buddhist courses, hiking, and great cafes and restaurants to meet up with your students and friends. It was a wonderful teaching experience!